Capturing the beauty hidden in every day life.​
I wander. I observe. I create.
It's probably no surprise that, as a photographer, I'm an extremely visual person. I'm guessing maybe you are too. If you're like me, you're constantly looking at the world around you, observing and investigating visuals that you find interesting or unique. Do you ever find yourself unexpectedly marveling at the details of some 'thing' that you've walked by dozens of times before without giving it a second thought? Me too!
With my art, I strive to capture the beauty of scenes and objects we all see in our day-to-day lives, but sometimes fail to appreciate. Focusing on abstractions and details allows me to bring these subjects to my viewer in unique and sometimes unexpected ways. I love to bring out the tone, texture and form inherent in my subjects, while at the same time expressing my own perception of those qualities and the contexts that make them interesting. Even the landscape/cityscape images that I create are generally not magnificent vistas of some grand or famous place. They're often my perspective on a scene that I've walked by dozens, if not hundreds of times before, but just happened to notice a unique perspective or interesting lighting.
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